Nadine Keegan is a glass artist based in Melbourne, Australia who has a contemporary take on a traditional craft.

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About Nadine

Nadine’s inspiration to create glass art first began whilst on holiday in Mexico on a visit to Cosmovitrial, a glass mural and garden by Mexican artist Leopold Flores. After seeing Flores’ groundbreaking work, Nadine returned to Australia with a vision to create glass art that could bring people the inspiration and joy she felt after this experience.

The Australian bush is a consistent theme in Nadine’s work. The influence of Australian flora and fauna aims to explore not only the unique forms and idiosyncrasies of the Australian Bush but also ideas surrounding the human relationship with the natural world and social identity within Australia.

Among other things, Nadine’s work draws inspiration from both the practice and philosophy of the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movements of the early twentieth century. Simultaneously a contemporary sensibility for a modern world which looks into an eco future is an important element within Nadine's work. 

As well as creating custom commission glass art Nadine works on heritage leadlight windows and  historic stained glass with Almond Glasswork. Nadine’s experience includes custom leadlight fabrication, heritage restoration and architectural glass work. Nadine's glass art can be found in local and international collections. 

If you would like to contact Nadine, feel free to get in touch at and have a look at what I've been up to on Instagram. Commissions are welcome.


Nadine Keegan

0421 343 592